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Personalized Favors, Unique Wedding CD Favors for, Anniversaries, Birthday, Corporate Events,  Parties, Wedding Favors

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Unique Wedding CD Favors for, Anniversaries, Birthday, Corporate Events,  Parties, Wedding Favors

“Do me a favor, please! Help me find a favor that is different from what every other bride has had for her wedding, or something that wont wind up in the catchall kitchen drawer…you know the one. It’s full of long ago expired coupons, buttons that have fallen off a favorite jacket, but I don’t remember which one!” How often brides moan that woeful cry! And it’s always followed closely with the exclamation: “But it has to be cheap!”

One answer to this plea is a customized CD! Customized in the sense that it can contain some of the couples favorite and memory-evoking tunes. Some makers of this marvel that has replaced 8-Tracks, that replaced 45 RPM plastic records, will produce special effects or dedications on a CD. And they are affordable! They come in a gift box in a wide and diCD Favors, wedding CD Favors,Weddings, verse array of colors, have a personalized and can be given as keepsakes not just at weddings but at any event where the giver wants their friends to share happy memories of anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, class reunions, birthdays or any party or special occasion). Professionally manufactured CDs are not of the homemade variety. The former are a digital analog recording that is of a higher quality than the home computer recording. They have the added advantage of being able to be played on both your digital player as well as your computer. Don’t be put off with the thought that others won’t necessarily like your favorite songs. These people are, after all, your friends and family. Their tastes and likes will be similar to your own and since you are allowed a diversity and number of songs. It is quite likely that others will enjoy the CD as much as you and your fiancé. Almost everyone likes music and practicallyCD Favors, wedding CD Favors,Weddings,  everyone has a CD or Digital player and computer, so, it’s a gift that will keep on giving, evoking memories of your special event. That’s why we give mementos in the first place…to say I want to share part of myself with you, my friend.

CP’s Final Touch can create a CD wedding favor as a fun and special way to preserve the memory of your Wedding day or special event… a delightful way to share your personal sentiments about this cherished day. Your CD favors will be individual and unique to you! Why not have a CD with your favorite music or with music from your celebration. As a bride, you want to plan your wedding that is a reflection of you…different from all the others. The wedding CD’s that we offer will guarantee. If it is a birthday party have your kids or adults favorite songs on a collection compact disk, or for a wedding anniversary have songs that you remember dancing to when you were back in your dating days. Or for Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s have music that the kids will all know and can enjoy and even disks for the parents to take home and enjoy with religious music or anything you desire. You could also have a song dedicated to your guests, family or parents on the CD. We can also state this on the CD so everyone will know your dedication. CD’s can be made with up to 74 minutes These CD’s favors will come in CD slim line jewel cases indicating what songs are printed on the CD. We can also make personalized inserts with any message for your guests. Such as what the Celebration is the date, location, a message of thanks to your guests, anything you want to have printed. It is a gift that everyone can enjoy and use! Everyone loves music and what a nice way to share the music while at the same time giving your family and friends a special wedding CD favor to be listened to an enjoyed for years to come!

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